About TreBrand

About the Name

The name TreBrand (Tray-Brand) is a smashup of the words treble and brand. It signifies our passion for music and dedication to achieving business results.

What We Do

We help marketing professionals implement strategies for using music and sound in a way that builds brand equity. This in turn helps attract more customers, reduce advertising costs and retain insanely loyal customers.

How We Do It - Audio Branding Process
Brand Exploration

When creating an audio brand for your company, we first seek to understand your brand and its core values. We want to know what your brand stands for, how your audience currently sees and hears your brand, and how this all fits into the competitive landscape.

We perform three primary audits:

  1. Historical audit – how have you used sound in the past?
  2. Competitive audit – what does your competition sound like?
  3. Contextual audit – who are your customers and how can we best communicate your brand values to them?

These audits, along with other tools, serve as a foundation for our recommendations to you about the music and sounds you will need to use in order to build a brand that leads the field.

Audio Brand Asset Creation

During this stage of the process, we use the recommendations from earlier to create specific sounds and music for your brand. These sounds are intended to be long-term branding assets for your company. In fact, some of the assets we create can be filed for trademark protection.

Depending on results of your audits, the assets we create will be different, however, typical assets include:

  • Audio logos
  • On-hold/IVR music
  • Brand voice profiles and selection
  • In-store music programming
  • Advertising music and voice overs

As we create your audio brand assets, we will keep a keen eye on the strategy we outlined in the first stage of this process. In order to ensure that your audience also hears what we do, at this point we invite a limited amount of audience feedback in the form of focus groups and free association tools.

Implementation, Documentation and Measurement

At this point we are ready to meet the world with your new audio identity. In this stage, we will create a rollout plan, audio style guide, and help you measure the success of your audio branding strategy.

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