Audio Logo

The key to differentiation

First, what is an audio logo?

An audio logo is a short (3-6 second) piece of sound that is designed to fit your brand. Among other places you hear it at the end of a commercial or when you boot up your computer.

Benefits to your business

The simple fact is that audio cuts through to your audience far quicker than any visual medium can. For your business this means an increase in brand value and brand recognition. It can also help make your advertising more efficient by giving people an easy way to remember your product. And for brands looking to go global your audio logo will be regognized around the world regardless of the language spoken.

Have a listen to a few samples. If you like what you hear contact TreBrand to learn how to get started.

Sample Audio Logos

Cloud Financial

A side project created for Andrew Lawrence who is an emerging motion graphic artist in London, Ontario. We helped andrew with all aspects of the design of this fictional company and made it come to life with an audio logo that captures the essence of the brand.

  • Click here to watch a video demo of our work.

Sample Audio Logos
  • An Idea

  • Deep in the Forest

Return on Investment

To maximize your ROI our audio branding techniques are designed to improve the efficiency of your brand. What does that mean? Well, it means you'll spend less on advertising and gain a stronger brand in the process. How much less will depend on what you are doing now but we anticipate that thousands can be saved. Also, it is important to note that audio logos can be owned and trademarked depending on your location. So, our products can truly be called audio assets.

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