Audio Branding Strategy

The goal of audio branding is to help your business maximize its brand through the strategic use of sound. Similar to creating a visual identity, TreBrand uses sound to communicate the emotions that represent the core values of your brand. Using the tools we give you, like an audio brand style guide or a brand voice profile, you'll discover the essence of what makes your brand tick.

Benefits of audio branding
  • • Create consistency across all brand touchpoints
  • • Prevent losses from copyright infringement litigation
  • • Communicate to your target audience more efficiently
  • • Create differentiation from competition
  • • Provide better customer experiences
  • • Improve the staying power of your brand

Our Process

Brand Exploration:

By taking a look at what you are already doing and what you have done in the past we can better understand what you should do in the future. Brand Exploration is designed to give you key insights in to how you brand sounds and how you fit in the market.

Build Creative Solutions:

With key insight in hand from our Brand Exploration, we start to build a creative solution to capitalize on any opportunities we have discovered. Some the solutions include, but are not limited to are:

Analyze Customer-Focused Feedback:

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. In this important step we check to see if the creative solutions we’ve developed are aligned with our Brand Exploration insights and opportunities. This part of the process may take the form of focus groups or free association exercises. In the end, you get a sound that is built to the desires of your audience.

Depending on your needs and budget we can use all three parts of our dynamic process or serve them up á la Carte.

If you would like to learn more about audio brand consulting and how it can help your business, please get in touch.