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4 Critical Decisions Audio Branding Forces you to Make About Your Brand

thinking250px 4 Critical Decisions Audio Branding Forces you to Make About Your BrandAs we move futher into the digital world one thing has become appearant, marketers need to implement a multi-sensory expereince for their customers. That said, once you’ve made the decision to create sensory delight for you audience you’ll want to think about how to communicate with your clients through the different senses.

Audio branding is a process that gets marketers to think about how their brand sounds to the world. In doing this, it also forces marketers to make critical decisions about their brand, both sonically and with the other four senses.

As you read this list, you’ll find that many of these things seem like branding 101. I’ve found that although many marketers know what these things are, they haven’t gone deep enough to take full advantage of their marketing or branding strategy.

Without and futher ado, here are the critical decisions that audio branding will force your to evaluate:

1. Audio branding forces you to define your brand values

This is an absolute in order to establish a brand and its communication strategy. Clearly defining what your brand stands for naturally leads to defining who will be attracted to your company, which means the next question goes hand in hand with this one.

2. Audio branding forces you to clarify your target audience

Ever wonder why loud, pulsating music is played at certain stores?

In order to build a truly effective audio brand you need to know your audience and know them well. Using the wrong sound for your brand can drive people away. In fact, I’ve talked about this before in an article on how sound is used to keep loitering to a minimum. This same tactic is also available to marketers who want to keep an exclusive brand image and drive certain people away through the way they sound. Of course, the positive side is that the music will also attract the right people to your location.

3. Audio branding forces you to be clear about what you want you customers to feel

The next thing that audio branding helps marketers become clear about is how their ideal customer should feel. You have many options here. Maybe you want people to feel that you have a high quality product or maybe you want people to feel that you have attentative staff. Music and sound can help you communicate these things and at a deeper level it can also help you communicate feelings such as happiness and joy.

4. Audio branding forces you to create a differentiator

Using a proper audio branding process will force you to be different in the way you sound. A great audio brand needs to meet a number of criteria, one of the attributes is to be distinctive. Just listen to a promo that uses stock music that anyone can purchase, you can’t build brand equity with that.

Like other valuable branding processes, audio branding requires you as a marketer to dig deep into your brand and ask what are you trying to communicate. Once you figure that out, developing the creative solutions to match is easy.

headphonesSM1 4 Critical Decisions Audio Branding Forces you to Make About Your Brand
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 4 Critical Decisions Audio Branding Forces you to Make About Your Brand

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