Oct 12

5 Secrets to Successful Audio Branding

You’ve seen me ramble on about how to make a successful radio ad or creating a better experience for customers who call you and even the top 10 audio logos and what if you want to put them all together into on cohesive audio brand?

Well, here are 5 things you need in order to maximize the ROI of your audio identity.

Memorable – Is your audio branding program memorable? If you’re going to invest in music and sound for your brand then you want to make sure people can remember your brand by the sound it makes. Memorability will play a large role in how successful your audio branding program will be.

Flexible – A good audio identity must be flexible enough to be used in many different ways. Just like the visual logo that a company uses, an audio asset, such as and audio logo, can now be used in many different mediums. It’s also important to be flexible so that the identity can change with time and still maintain its memorability.

Distinctive – Have you ever tried to name a song after the first 3 seconds? It’s certainly possible for the average person to do and this should be your goal. With that said, one thing you want to ensure is that your brand isn’t just another whizz bang sound. Each part of your audio identity must be distinctly yours.

Congruent – One of the best ways to make the most out of your investment in music and sound is to make sure that your audio identity naturally fits your brand and your audience. For example, if you own a Japanese restaurant then playing traditional Japanese music would be a good idea. However, you need to balance this with a bit of surprise because if you get too close to exactly what people expect then they get bored.

Purpose – As with many branding techniques it’s important to seek out a purpose for each asset. This will give staff and employees a true reason to keep using the audio brand in the way it was intended. The best example of this is the NBC Chimes which have a wonderful history that you can read in the linked article.

One thing to think about is that it’s not always possible to have all 5 parts present. Sometimes one aspect may be stronger then another and that careful balance is where an audio branding expert can help you make the most of your investment in music and sound.

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 5 Secrets to Successful Audio Branding

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