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Audio Illusions – Binaural Beats

This is part 2 in our series of audio illusions.

The binaural beats is one of the most researched audio illusions. It has been talked about by people in the medical fields because some believe that this illusion can help the mind and body relax. For this reason, there are people who use this as part of their meditation and wellbeing practices. With that said there is still lots of research to be done in order to prove any claims.

How to Create Binaural Beats

To create this audio illusion you need to have two different frequencies. These two separate frequencies must be played with one in the left ear and the other in the right ear. When you do this a third pulse will be heard at a frequency that is the difference between the two main frequencies.

For example, if you have a frequency of 300 Hz in one ear and a frequency of 310 Hz in the other ear you will get a third at 10 Hz.

Have a listen for yourself

How it Works

Part of this illusion comes from how the brain processes sound. It is normal for our brain to measure the difference a sound takes to reach each ear. This is how we know where a sound is coming from. When a sound reaches your left ear first you know that sound must be coming from your left side. The important part to remember is that this processing is very precise.

It’s also important to remember that we perceive sound as a time based medium. Now, because our brain analyzes sound simultaneously from both ears when a sound that is pure but differs by a few Hertz it tends to process the sound as if it is changing its location causing an imaginary third tone to sound.

Questions? Post them in the comments section and Stay tuned for our next audio illusion.

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 Audio Illusions   Binaural Beats

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