Mar 13

BMW Gets a New Audio Logo

It’s only been in the last decade or so that the big three German automobile manufactures have invested in audio branding. We’ve spoke on the Audi sound design and featured the Mercedes Benz audio logo in the past, but lets take a look at BMW.

BMW is known for its passion for engineering and design, a staple for German auto makers. Much of this positioning is driven, pardon the pun, through its advertising and marketing communications that center on the tagline “The ultimate driving machine”.

Just launched and fresh out of the gates is a new audio logo for BMW. It’s new sound will be featured at the end of all BWM TV and radio spots, along with its product and brand films.

Lets have a listen.

The new sound design for BMW uses some neat effects including sound reversing and a combination of finely tuned instruments. All of this points to a futuristic and precise sound that encapsulates the BMW brand. That said, I’m worried that this new sound is creeping close to some of its competitors and it isn’t distinctive or memorable enough.

Here’s the previous version of the audio logo

This version of the audio logo has been a part of the BMW brand for the last 14 years and is perhaps due for an update. It harks to simplicity and a natural environment with a bell like tone. In this case, the sound fits well with BMW values, as does the new one in a modern sense, but this older version might be too simple to hold in our minds over long periods of time. From the buzz on the street it seems this audio logo will be duly missed.

Questions to ponder:

  • What do you think of the new BMW sound?
  • Does it fit the brand?
  • Is it memorable?
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