Oct 13

Building Brand Equity with an Audio Mnemonic

A while back I posted an article on what an audio mnemonic is (or as some might call it, an audio logo). Today I wanted to share with you a great example from a recent Coca-Cola spot that effectively uses their sonic logo melody throughout the ad.

Coke has always, for as long as I’ve known, been involved in creating a brand around music. One of the key features and most recognizable parts of any audio identity is the audio logo. Before you read on, have a listen to Coke’s audio logo first.

Coca-Cola audio logo

The great thing about an audio logo is that it can be used from campaign to campaign. A la Intel, this will build brand equity over time (by the way, Intel was recently voted the top audio brand of all time).

Making an audio logo part of your brand is highly effective because of two things:

1. It’s almost always at the end of a commercial. This takes advantage of the recency effect.
2. The sound is usually “sticky” or easy to remember.

Another thing to keep in mind, when a brand uses their audio logo throughout a commercial it breeds familiarity and in doing so also increases the likelihood that you’ll like what you hear, which of course leads to liking what you see.

So, have a listen to the commercial below and let me know what you think. Do you recognize the melody? Do you find yourself wanting to sing along?

headphonesSM1 Building Brand Equity with an Audio Mnemonic
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 Building Brand Equity with an Audio Mnemonic

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