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Of course I’m a little biased when I say this, anytime is a good time to start thinking strategically about how your brand sounds. In all seriousness, there are times in the life of a business that make more sense to implement an audio branding strategy. In this post, I want to highlight the best times to figure out how your business sounds.

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We’ve known for a while that among web developers using music and sound online is a touchy subject. Well, TreBrand is here to push boundries, so I want to share with you a little bit of research along with a great example of a business using music on their website. Lets dig in!

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After watching this I get the feeling that in order to create a brewery your first name must be John?!

Nonetheless, a great track featured in this spot from Smithwick’s. In case you’re wondering the track is Learnt My Lesson Well by Kaiser Chiefs.

TRB WebinarSMHeaders LinkedIn Upcoming Webinar   Lean Forward: How You Can Create Unique Web Experiences with Online Video

With millions of videos being uploaded to YouTube every week, it’s ever important to get your brand to stand out from the clutter. Just showing up isn’t enough anymore, you need to excite your visitors and engage their minds. Video marketing can be a powerful tool in your belt if you know how to use it.

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About the Speakers

Adam Caplan, eCommerce + Transactional Media Entrepreneur
After graduating from the California Institute of The Arts in 1995, Adam Caplan worked in the entertainment & advertising industry in Los Angeles for companies such as Universal, Paramount, Columbia/Tri-Star, Disney, Apple, Launch (Yahoo!), and many others, leading to a role as Executive Site Producer for the Home Shopping Network in 2000.

Returning to his hometown of London, Canada in 2003, Adam began lecturing on e-Commerce Strategy at Western University, and in 2005 joined digital signage pioneer EK3 as its Creative Director, working with clients such as Tim Hortons, The Home Depot, RBC, and TELUS, among many others. Adam left EK3 in 2008 and the following year started with a mission to use Web video to tell the amazing stories of our community in unique and dynamic ways.

Supporting a core value of community engagement, Adam sits on the Board of Directors for Museum London, where he also served as Chair of the Marketing and Development Committee; served as a Strategic Advisor on the Emerging Leaders Steering Committee; was a Producer-At-Large for the London Ontario Live Arts (LOLA) festival from 2008 to 2010; and is a founding Director and Past President of the UnLondon Digital Media Association.

Jordan Stevens, Chief Noisemaker and Audio Brand Consultant
Almost born with a guitar in his hands, Jordan Stevens is instrumental in inspiring business leaders to listen to the world around them. As the owner and chief noisemaker of TreBrand he plays a pivotal role in helping brands achieve peak performance. Jordan continues to set the standard by working expressively with all of his clients. His work has been heard at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, at The Pillar Nonprofit Commnity Innovation Awards and The Toronto International Film Festival. He corporate clients include McFarlan Rowlands Insurance Brokers, North Star Windows and Doors and digital agency tbk Creative.

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chart2 Advertising Music Trends You Cant Ignore

Like most things, styles come and go. Using music in advertising is no different. Spotting trends is a bit of an artform, particularly if you’re trying to guess the price of gas!

Anyways, a few weeks ago I finished reading Ray Kurzweil’s newest book How to Create a Mind (Amazon link). In it he talks about spotting technlogical trends and that most things, although chaotic, follow a pattern. So, one whould think that spotting trends would be easy.

That said, here are a few trends going on in audio branding.

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Over the years, Canada has produced some pretty good beer. Many of these breweries have built an impressive brand. Some have gone international and others have stayed local.

In recent days, London welcomed a new player to the game – Forked River Brewing. Their design agency Honey Design has done a wonderful job on their visual identity and we expect great things from them in the future.

Looking at another local brewery, Steam Whistle Brewing (Toronto), we see another great brand who’s really found a place in the market. I wanted to feature them here as they’ve also done a great job in creating an audio brand.

First, they’ve captured the origins of the company’s headquarters, which was originally a roundhouse for trains to switch directions, in it’s audio logo of a train steam whistle. This creates a natural congruency to their brand. As we’ve talked about in the past, this is vital to building a strong audio identity.

The next thing that Steam Whistle did was leverage this sound in other areas of their business. For example, when you call up the company to book a tour you’ll be greeted with the Steam Whistle audio logo. As well, at the end of the tour you’ll have a change to turn on a real steam whistle in the brewery – neat!

Steam Whistle has also developed their sound even further as you’ll hear in the commercial below.

Again, this commercial shows the commitment that they have to consistency and building trust through congruent sounds. This has helped Steam Whistle expand outside of Ontario and to the West coast of Canada. I suspect with their approach to marketing we’ll see them grow futher and show the world what good beer and brands are all about.

With all the super hero action on the silver screens this summer it’s no surprise that brands would jump on the bandwagon. This sticky song of the week shows a new side of the Mr. Clean story. I wonder what his kryptonite is?

webinar postcard lowres New Webinar: Q&A About Intergrated Marketing How to THRIVE in Changing Landscape

We’ve got an exciting webinar planned for you on June 11th. Below are the details, but hurry since space is limited.

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We’ll delve into actual, on the ground, examples of companies using modern marketing techniques to advance their business and how you can use these insights to help your business prosper.

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This webinar will be presented by Jordan Stevens, the Chief Noisemaker and Audio Brand Consultant at TreBrand and special guest Mark Drewe from Mosaic Mind Pictures.

Jordan is an award winning composer who specializes in helping business owners, marketing executives and advertising agencies use music and sound in a way that cultivates business growth.

Mark Drewe has been involved in the creative arts for over a decade. After graduating from Western University’s Film Studies Program, he formed the company Mosaic Mind Pictures Incorporated. His business provides creative and corporate services for clients, with a focus on putting together compelling projects that have lasting impact with viewers. He has worked with government organizations, budding entrepreneurs, multi-national corporations, sports franchises, and many others, giving him a wide variety of experience. Mark has focused his efforts on building advertising pieces in a variety of formats, and has worked extensively in mobile and web delivery methods.

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Beauty in motion is the theme for this commercial. Boy, do they ever get the point across with the big metal puppets. Add a little classy music from Kristina Train and we’ve got a Sticky Song for the week.

Enjoy your weekend.

As baseball starts its long season we’re happy to see New Era back with a new spot and an exciting music track to boot. It’s an emotional bid for space on your head.

Enjoy the weekend.


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