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We’ve known for a while that among web developers using music and sound online is a touchy subject. Well, TreBrand is here to push boundries, so I want to share with you a little bit of research along with a great example of a business using music on their website. Lets dig in!

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chart2 Advertising Music Trends You Cant Ignore

Like most things, styles come and go. Using music in advertising is no different. Spotting trends is a bit of an artform, particularly if you’re trying to guess the price of gas!

Anyways, a few weeks ago I finished reading Ray Kurzweil’s newest book How to Create a Mind (Amazon link). In it he talks about spotting technlogical trends and that most things, although chaotic, follow a pattern. So, one whould think that spotting trends would be easy.

That said, here are a few trends going on in audio branding.

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It’s no secret, mobile phones and devices are a large part of daily lives. The way consumers use them will have an impact on how you do business, now and in the future. Understanding this usage will help you develop a concrete plan to gain new customers and retain loyal buyers.

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PeopleStudyFINE Whats Learning Have to do With it?In the business world of today, most positions require some overlap of duties. It’s important in order for you to succeed that you understand your role in the larger picture.

As a marketer, it’s your job to allow as many people as possible to learn about your products and services. Granted, segmentation will play a key role in who you target, but you shouldn’t make it hard for certain people to understand the value of what you are trying to sell.

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This week’s sticky song features a deadly entertaining ad for summer furniture from the iconic brand Ikea.

Who wants a lawn gnome?

A couple of weeks ago I was featured on The Price of Business with Kevin Price to talk about audio branding. The interview was aired on Business 1110 AM KTEK, part of the Bloomberg Radio network, out of Houston, Texas.

I’m aware that many of you missed the interview, so have a listen to the audio below.

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As a marketer you understand the difference between tactical and strategic moves – the tactical moves are the individual parts that make up an overall strategy. This is marketing 101. Without a vision for the success down the road your individual tactics will be hit and miss.

Traditionally music studios have been about creating tactical creative work. Everything from radio commercials to on-hold music. These are the individual pieces. As audio branding professionals we look at how each of these elements combine, what is the overall effect?

One of the problems with the tactical approach is that it’s hard to know which tactics to use without a strategy behind it. You end up going in a different direction for each campaign. It also makes it harder for consumers to connect with your brand. In fact, a recent study done be Katz Marketing shows that 87% of consumers can recognize certain brands by its sound alone.

Think about the difference that you can make when you ask “How can we select music and sound that will help build our brand for the long term?” Instead of “What music can we use for this one campaign?”

Individual tactics work great when you know the direction you are heading, but without a strategy behind your tactics it can be tough to move the ball forward. Just remember to think about the sound of your company over the long term and the impact that each touchpoint has on your customers.

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a frustrating trend that as a marketer you need to be aware of. First, a little backstory.

There have been a couple of studies released recently discussing the importance of music in advertising. I won’t go into the full details today but you can read them here (Ad Age) and here (Marketing). Furthermore, in our own work with clients we’ve seen clients increase customer leads by 108% with radio alone.

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It certainly would be nice to have a fanfare like this on our next business trip!

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There is no industry that I can think of that has been hit harder over the last few years then the banking and financial industries. I’m not going to tell you what went wrong in this article, but I want to point to the future of your local bank.

Traditionally you may have used these words to describe your bank;

  • big
  • cold
  • mean
  • greedy

If you are manager of a company where people used these words to describe you I’d be worried too. However, one thing banks have started to do is listen.

Lately, you may have noticed the increased focus on client care at your local bank; the staff knows your name, there are comfy chairs to sit in and a Wal-Mart like greeter at the front of the branch welcomes you inside. You will also notice many banks are updating their look to rid of the dark and drab vibes they seemed to have acquired over the years. You’ll also notice industry experts refer to the industry as retail banking.

All of this new focus certainly makes sense as new players such as customer friendly credit unions have arrived on the scene. You now have options for where you want to put your money. Simply just showing up doesn’t make people want to do business with you.

Of course I can’t help but point out one area seems to be missing – music. For one reason or another most banks refuse to play music in their branches or they play it at a level that makes little use of the speakers they’ve purchased. The problem with this aside from wasting their investment on a sound system is that it leaves a feeling of emptiness in the branch due to the size and quietness of most big banks.

I envision a bank where music and sound set the tone for a relaxing mortgage negotiation or business loan approval. This is a place where customers want to share their experience.


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