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chart2 Advertising Music Trends You Cant Ignore

Like most things, styles come and go. Using music in advertising is no different. Spotting trends is a bit of an artform, particularly if you’re trying to guess the price of gas!

Anyways, a few weeks ago I finished reading Ray Kurzweil’s newest book How to Create a Mind (Amazon link). In it he talks about spotting technlogical trends and that most things, although chaotic, follow a pattern. So, one whould think that spotting trends would be easy.

That said, here are a few trends going on in audio branding.

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It’s only been in the last decade or so that the big three German automobile manufactures have invested in audio branding. We’ve spoke on the Audi sound design and featured the Mercedes Benz audio logo in the past, but lets take a look at BMW.

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When we think of sound in relation to brands we typically think of music in advertising, however, many big companies are starting to realize the power of sound outside of advertising and how it can improve business metrics.

One critical area for you to explore is the idea of selecting a voice for your brand. Doing so can help improve radio advertising, calm people down and connect people to your brand.

To help inspire you we’ve put together our top 10 brand voices. We hope some of them will surprise you.





American Express


Anyone who has travelled to New York City will recognize this. If you haven’t I’m sure your city has its own voice too.

Disney Parks




What are some brand voices you recognize? Let us know in the comments

Yesterday Felix Baumgartner did something out of this world, he jumped from the edge of space. As a human achievement this was just amazing, however, as you know on the TreBrand blog we like to talk a lot about marketing.

You probably know this already but the company that was behind the space jump project was Red Bull. Dubbed “Red Bull Stratos” this was a brilliant sponsorship for a couple of reasons.

Connected – The project in itself connected people to the brand at it’s core. Red Bull is about getting people to that next level, breaking barriers and well, giving you wings. This event showed that there are few limits to what humans can achieve and Red Bull is a leader in making that happen.

Reach – Well over 7 million people watched live on YouTube, on TV and set a fire storm on the social media sites. What’s more exciting is that very little advertising needed to be done to reach these people and every step along the path featured Red Bull.

Memorability – This event is now in the history books and will be talked about for the next few weeks on the news and around the water cooler. But until the next person goes to break the free fall record Felix Baumgartner will be remembered along with his sponsor.

So, congratulations Felix and your entire crew. Wonderful achievement!

Well folks it’s all over now.

Yes, the Olympics are done but one the thing has stuck with me is the speed at which advertising was created during the games. It’s almost as if marketers took a page out of Usain Bolt’s playbook.

There are a couple of examples that I can draw from and I think the most significant ones were done by AT&T and Visa. In both cases the brands used action from the sports to complete the story. For example, AT&T uses a clip of Ryan Lochte finishing a race and then the female actor goes to the fridge and posts a new goal to beat Ryan’s time.

What is important here is the speed at which the creative is put together and how it also pulls people into the ad. Will we see more of this type of advertising? I expect we will. The question is will advertising become ‘live’? (yes, I know we have direct response, but I’m thinking something grander).

Let your imagination run wild as your possibilities are almost endless.

In a recent move by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) Canadian businesses can now trademark their audio brand assets. This will allow brands to legally protect their audio identity including audio logos, sound IDs and potentially distinctive voices. It puts Canada closer to what has been the norm in many other countries and shows that as a country we are serious about copyright and trademark protection.

One company that will be extremely happy with the decision is Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM). They have been battling their right to trademark their lion roar for nearly 20 years. Now they can enforce protecting their identity will greater force. We’re sure that others will be quick to apply for trademark protection as well.

As audio brand consultants we feel this is a great step in helping businesses see the value of having an audio brand. It truly means that businesses can have sound assets that will grow with them.

It’s less than week from the Superbowl – the mother of all advertising days. Has your company already launched a teaser?

The Superbowl is a great time to advertise if you do it correctly. Many brands this year seem to be ratcheting up the excitement a little early. I think this is a great idea.


Well, as a marketer you know it takes 6-8 impressions for an advertisement or brand name to stick. That’s probably why you’ve seen that darn commercial for your local bank so many times. If your brand can take advantage of free media, YouTube, to create excitement before the main event your viewers are more likely to remember the main ad.

Think like a movie marketer. One day only. No second chances and $1 million on the line.

As usual I’m more exceited about the commercials than the game. Here’s a few of the teasers I’ve seen so far.

PS I love the use of audio in this one. What a throw back!

Have you seen any others? Let me know.

So the Patriots are set to take on the Giants in this year’s Superbowl showdown. As a marketer you’re more excited about the ads.

Just like the players on the field the game brings out the best and the worst in creative people. Most of the time it’s great creative work and other times the strategy just breaks under pressure.

The Superbowl advertising spots are among the most expensive you will ever encounter as a marketer. To me it almost seems like a city hosting the Olympic games. They pay a ton of money for recognition but they never seem to make a profit as the cost is too high.

That being said some companies have started teasers to get the ball rolling early and for less money. This seems like a great approach that should help the overall campaign reach closer to a positive return on investment.

I really like the pre-campaign done by Volks Wagon (seen below). I’m looking forward to seeing what the endgame is.

What are you expecting from the ads this year at the Superbowl?

Ivan Pavlov would be proud to watch this commercial.

In a recent TV advertisement (seen above) by Nestlé Purina, sound is used to make a direct pitch to dogs. This might seem counter intuitive because dogs don’t buy food. But, in the highly competitive market of pet food it’s a smart way to break through the clutter.

Because pet owners are reluctant to change brands once they find one that works it’s a challenge to get people to convert. The idea here is to get dogs to react to the commercial. In doing so the pet owners may subconsciously remember that when the purchase Fido’s dinner.

To attract the target animal the commercial uses sounds that only dogs can hear. The Beneful ad features a “squeak” that is similar to the sound of a dog toy, a high-frequency tone, similar to a dog whistle, which humans can barely hear, and a soft, high-pitched “ping” which can be heard by dogs and people.

So far the commercial has only been displayed in Germany and is soon to hit Austria. However, according to the Toronto Star Nestlé Purina has no plans to launch the commercial in Canada this year but it may consider it in 2012.

Does this mean audio branding is for dogs too?

The last few weeks have been jam packed with news in the audio branding industry. I thought I’d take a minute to put them all in one place for you. So, here goes.

“The Great Happyfication” – Coca-Cola Uses Branded Media to Get You to Sing Its Tune

Released just a few days ago Coca-Cola is expanding it’s reach into the entertainment creation business. A six and a half minute video has been commissioned to celebrate the 125th birthday of the brand. The most interesting part of the video is the use of sound. Coca-Cola in this video has created a musical based on its signature audio logo. Here’s a link to “The Great Happyfication” video.

Audio Branding Academy Announces Speakers for 2011 Audio Branding Congress

On November 17th the Audio Branding Academy will host it’s annual congress in New York City. Just announced this week is the speakers for the congress. The names on the list are truly all-stars in the audio branding world. Here is a link to the congress page where you can find more information about the exciting presentations.

Nokia Launches A Contest To Find Its New Tune

Recognized by millions the Nokia tune is due for a face lift. Announced in early September Nokia will be providing a $10,000 prize to the winner of a global contest to find the next Nokia audio signature. The judges of the contest will be fans and a panel of experts. The contest is sure to raise awareness for the brand and is sure to help out one musician in a major way.


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