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We like the buildup in this spot created for Acura. The music gets ever more tense just before we see the car for the first time at which point you can hear a pin drop. Advertisers take notice of the use of silence in this ad. It really grabs the viewer at a key moment in the spot.

We also like the audio logo as it fits the mystery that’s seems to be a part of this spot.

Enjoy the weekend!

After watching this I get the feeling that in order to create a brewery your first name must be John?!

Nonetheless, a great track featured in this spot from Smithwick’s. In case you’re wondering the track is Learnt My Lesson Well by Kaiser Chiefs.

Okay, it’s Friday and you want a beer to enjoy on your patio, but you know nothing beats a frosty one straight from the tap. The folks at Tap King seem to have figured it out.

Check out their first spot featuring Lionel Richie.

Enjoy the weekend!

Yesterday marked a special day for our friends in United States as they celebrated their independance. Many marketers put a lot into the day and are quite successful. One unexpected champion this year is Clear Channel. If you don’t know, Clear Channel is a media company that owns thousands of billboards throughout the US. According to sources this campaign was put together on a whim in a insanly quick turnaround. It’s amazing how fast we can move to get a message out.

On the music front, this version of The Star Spangled Banner is just wonderful. It shows the true beauty of this song.

The sports brand is at it again with this spot featuring Roger Federer.

In the commercial you’ll also hear part of Mozart’s requium, a fitting piece for the fly I might add.


Tick Toc, here comes a commercial for a watch. A nifty little spot featuring some cool visuals of the guts of, I assume, an OMEGA watch.

Check out the sticky song of the week and come back next week for more.

A couple of weeks ago we talked about BMW getting a new audio logo for its worldwide brand. We’ve also looked at the history of the NBC Chimes in the past as well. To help you understand one of the important aspects of audio branding, which is flexiblity, we’re going to profile a few more brands over the next little while.

Today let’s look at Audi.

Audi, for a long time, has been strong in the area of sound. They invest quite a lot of resources to make sure their cars and advertisments have the perfect sound. This video is a testiment to the Audi audio brand.

One thing that you’ll notice is that they have identified a sound profile for their brand. In it they specify what sounds are part of the Audio brand (piano, heartbeat, etc.). They also have a rigorous selection process for voice actors for their voice mail boxes and advertisments.

As you look at the next video, which shows each of the Audi audio logos from past to present, you’ll notice some common sounds between each.

What’s impressive is that the sounds that were selected have a lasting appeal but are flexible enough to change with the times. This is particularly true for the heartbeat sound. As humans we’ll always be attracted to the sound of the heart (mom played it to us for 9 months).

Thinking of your own brand you must select sounds that will fit your brand over a long period of time. What sounds do you associate with your brand? If your company was a song what soung would it be? Dig deep and see what you come up with. Feel free to tell us your answers in the comments below.

With all the super hero action on the silver screens this summer it’s no surprise that brands would jump on the bandwagon. This sticky song of the week shows a new side of the Mr. Clean story. I wonder what his kryptonite is?

A couple of days ago Whitney Museum launched it’s new visual identity. With it, the creatives also made a short video to show off the new look.

The music is quite fitting with the new visuals. It’s a great example of congruency, which is important when making an audio brand. Although we don’t know if the music will be carried forward into anything other than this video we hope it does as it will only strengthen the brand.

Have a look at the video below and if you want to see the full visual design go here.

Leave it to Apple to make a commercial about music. Neat soundtrack too!


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