Jun 13

How the Audi Sound Logo Evolved

A couple of weeks ago we talked about BMW getting a new audio logo for its worldwide brand. We’ve also looked at the history of the NBC Chimes in the past as well. To help you understand one of the important aspects of audio branding, which is flexiblity, we’re going to profile a few more brands over the next little while.

Today let’s look at Audi.

Audi, for a long time, has been strong in the area of sound. They invest quite a lot of resources to make sure their cars and advertisments have the perfect sound. This video is a testiment to the Audi audio brand.

One thing that you’ll notice is that they have identified a sound profile for their brand. In it they specify what sounds are part of the Audio brand (piano, heartbeat, etc.). They also have a rigorous selection process for voice actors for their voice mail boxes and advertisments.

As you look at the next video, which shows each of the Audi audio logos from past to present, you’ll notice some common sounds between each.

What’s impressive is that the sounds that were selected have a lasting appeal but are flexible enough to change with the times. This is particularly true for the heartbeat sound. As humans we’ll always be attracted to the sound of the heart (mom played it to us for 9 months).

Thinking of your own brand you must select sounds that will fit your brand over a long period of time. What sounds do you associate with your brand? If your company was a song what soung would it be? Dig deep and see what you come up with. Feel free to tell us your answers in the comments below.

headphonesSM1 How the Audi Sound Logo Evolved
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 How the Audi Sound Logo Evolved

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