Apr 12

How to Make a Memorable Audio Logo

So, you’re looking to take your brand to the next level with an audio logo. This is great news because music is powerful my friend. But, before we get ahead of ourselves lets take a minute to figure out what goes into creating a memorable audio brand.

Play It A Lot

According to recent research done by Centaur Communications Ltd. there are a few things to remember when creating your company’s audio logo. The first being that frequency and long-term consistency is important. Going out and creating a jingle or audio logo that will only be used a few times doesn’t make sense. Neither does showing the audio brand once a quarter.

Tell ’em Who You Are

The next thing to remember is that for people to remember and associate sound with your brand you need to use the brand name in the sound clip. The Centaur research team showed that 90% of people have heard the Intel (shown below) audio logo but only 38% of the participants could identify the brand itself. In comparison take a listen below at what East Side Mario’s has done.


East Side Mario’s

Give Value

Lastly, it’s vital that you link the sound to the benefits. One of the best examples of this is Kit Kat take a brake campaign (shown below). Not only is the brand name in the song but it also helps listeners remember why they should buy Kit Kat and not a competitor’s brand.

Kit Kat

Next time you are out looking for a new sound for you company keep these three things in mind.

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About Jordan Stevens | Audio Brand Consultant at TreBrand

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