Apr 12

How to Reduce Wait Time in a Service Business

In many cases the best way to reduce waiting time to deliver a service is to adjust the delivery system. That said you can only go so far with this method before quality starts to drop. In this brief article I want to share with you a few ways music can help create a better retail environment.

Music is a powerful mechanism for improving mood. Many of you have seen the recent viral video of a retired man hearing music from an earlier part of life and when he does you can see the joy come right back to him as if he was 16 again. In a similar fashion you can use music to improve the environment of your store or on hold system.

The key to success in using music to influence mood is to make it congruent with the environment or what is expected of the environment. That means if you run a fitness club you can choose energizing music but if you are a classy upscale restaurant then you should try some jazz or classical music.

Music tempo, the speed of music, is an influencer in how fast or slow we do things. For example, if you are a restaurant and you want to turn tables over a little quicker during a dinner service without upsetting customers then a faster tempo music can be used to aid in speeding up eating habits. When this happens your staff will be able to move quicker without jarring the customer.

Volume also has an impact. In this case you want the volume level to match your target demographic. Loud music typically would attract a younger audience where is softer music would be great for your parents.

All of these things help to improve mood and in some cases help to change the perception of wait time. Again, the one thing to remember is that music played in your store is a piece of your brand so it must be congruent or it will fail to attract your target audience.

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