DSC 0378B Music and Motion

Music and motion always connected.

Here in London, Ontario the World figure skating championships have come and gone, but one thing I’ve realized from watching the skaters is music and motion are connected in a powerful way. From an audio branding perspective this is really important to understand. Lets dig in!

For example, people tend to move at the speed at which music is played. So, if you are listening to slow music you will have a tendency to move slower and if the music picks up you will start to move faster. We’ve seen this in action many times on the dance floor or ice rink, but even if you are sitting down you’ll want to tap your feet to the beat.

Looking to academia for a minute we’ll find that there are several studies on music tempo and commercial operations. The first of which discusses both employee and customer actions in response to tempo changes. The results showed that in slow music treatments there was a increase in both time to serve a meal and the time a customer spent in the restaurant. Even more exciting is the $7.00 increase in profits per meal and the decrease in potential customers abandoning before being seated.

Another interesting study investigates how music tempo impacts supermarket shoppers. In this study, researchers played music with varying tempos during specific periods of time. Similar to the first study, researchers found that shoppers spent more time in the store and spent more money when slow music was played.

All of this is encouraging, however, you still need to remember the influence music will have on your brand. If you run a store where your target demographic is young females a slow tempo track won’t cut it.

In the end remember who your customer is and what you’d like them to do. Once you have that nailed down selecting the right music becomes much easier.

  • How does music move you?
  • Have you ever noticed different music speeds in restaurants and different times of the day?
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 Music and Motion

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