We like the buildup in this spot created for Acura. The music gets ever more tense just before we see the car for the first time at which point you can hear a pin drop. Advertisers take notice of the use of silence in this ad. It really grabs the viewer at a key moment in the spot.

We also like the audio logo as it fits the mystery that’s seems to be a part of this spot.

Enjoy the weekend!

665909 45612219 300x225 Music, an International Language?Whether you are a musician or not, you have probably heard the expression that music is an international language. Now as a marketer in this modern world, understanding this fact is critical. So, in this post I want to explore some research with you that will help you use music in your business more effectively to reach the global marketplace.

First off, many studies have shown that certain aspects of music carries common meanings for people in different parts of the world. What this means, for example, is that most people will hear slow music as a sad song or fast music as a happy. For global marketers this is good news since certain parts of your audio brand will not need to be adjusted for cultural differences.

Now, I’m going to contradict myself and say that the finer details in communicating emotion through music can get mixed up in translation. For instance, Eastern music uses a different system of notes and not following these rules can mean that you are communicating a completely different emotion than you intended. By not keeping track of the different cultural norms you may be inadvertently be giving someone the finger.

Testing your Intuition

To help mitigate the problems mentioned above you will want to test your audio brand assets with a cross section of our customer base. Typically, this testing should take the form of a focus group but can also be done using customer questionnaires and free association methods. We have seen some companies go as far as having separate tests done for each of their core markets. This gives them a true understanding of how their customers feel about the music that is being produced as a brand asset.

For local companies you may think this issue apply to you, but if you are located in a major city, like Toronto, you are going to have a well-mixed pot of culture to deal with.

Take the time to evaluate the sound of your company makes and how impacts the emotions your customers feel.

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Roy Osing, Author, President and CEO of Brilliance for Business
A leading executive in Canadian business, author, blogger, speaker, seminar leader, business consultant, educator and personal coach, Roy Osing’s career spans over three decades of singular achievement. Osing knows what it takes for businesses to survive in today’s chaotic times and achieve extraordinary levels of performance.

As the former Chief Marketing Officer of TELUS and current president and CEO of the consulting firm Brilliance for Business, Osing brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the complex challenges businesses face in the contemporary global economy.

He is actively “spreading his word” work through workshop events, keynote addresses and advisor engagements. In addition, Roy regularly publishes blog articles on his BE DiFFERENT Practices to help organizations better understand and implement his ideas.

Jordan Stevens, Chief Noisemaker and Audio Brand Consultant
Almost born with a guitar in his hands, Jordan Stevens is instrumental in inspiring business leaders to listen to the world around them. As the owner and chief noisemaker of TreBrand he plays a pivotal role in helping brands achieve peak performance. Jordan continues to set the standard by working expressively with all of his clients. His work has been heard at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, at The Pillar Nonprofit Community Innovation Awards and The Toronto International Film Festival. His corporate clients include McFarlan Rowlands Insurance Brokers, North Star Windows and Doors and digital agency tbk Creative.

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Just a couple weeks ago, Adam Caplan and I had the chance to sit down and talk about creating marketing videos for the web. Here’s an overview of the webinar in case you missed it.

Adam and I first discussed the current state of video marketing, which includes high-end production studios down to College students with a flip cam. Adam spent a few more minutes talking about his business model at web.isod.es, which I highly recommend you check out.

From here we delved into the importance of using video as one of your marketing activities. The main conclusion we made here is that video is useful for creating emotional experiences. We also talked about the fact that humans like stories and that audience engagement can be improved by using stories to get your message across.

This of course begs us to know how do we start creating videos?

The first step you need to take is to figure out what your goals and objectives are. In the webinar, Adam outlined five questions you need to ask before starting a project. You’ll have to get in touch with Adam to find out what the questions are.

We then talked a bit about implementation of videos seeing that we have so many places to watch videos these days. We both agreed that mobile devices need to be accounted for but that the story should be your primary thought.

From here we fielded a question from Andrew L. who asked us for some examples of videos that have done well in the market. We talked a bit about Apple and “Will it Blend”.

That was about all the time we had for the webinar. If you have any questions or comments about this webinar, please leave them in the section below so that we can respond.

For more webinars from TreBrand, go to: http://trebrand.com/webinars/

We’ve known for a while that among web developers using music and sound online is a touchy subject. Well, TreBrand is here to push boundries, so I want to share with you a little bit of research along with a great example of a business using music on their website. Lets dig in!

Read the rest of this article…

After watching this I get the feeling that in order to create a brewery your first name must be John?!

Nonetheless, a great track featured in this spot from Smithwick’s. In case you’re wondering the track is Learnt My Lesson Well by Kaiser Chiefs.

garbage can2 Watch out for this Audio Branding Mistake

Oftentimes we get asked to help companies with their on-hold music or IVR systems. Typically our clients for these types of projects are just getting started or they’ve had a system but it wasn’t customized to their needs. Now they are looking to step up their game, which is good for everyone involved including the customer who calls on our clients.

What sometimes happens is that companies also forget that a voice is needed for these types of projects. This isn’t so much a problem because it’s easy enough to book a professional voice actor or actress to do the job (click the link to visit our friends at Voices.com). However, it seems that it never gets budgeted for or that it gets neglected in some way or another. This is where the problem lies.

Instead of procuring a professional voice over, companies will use someone internally to save costs. I guess the thinking goes, “since we have a couple hundred people on staff surely we can find someone with a nice voice”. In general, this approach never turns out well.

What ends up happening is one of two things and sometimes both. First, the recording will be of low quality, sometimes with audible clicks and pops in the audio. Along with this, the clarity of the speech gets mangled. The other issue with this method is that there is very little opportunity to build brand equity. In order to build an audio identity you need to make sure you use your sound consistently across all sorts of mediums (we’ll be talking about the mediums in an upcoming post). Time and again, we’ve found that this is not possible when you use the voice of an employee as they usually have other responsibilities.

One thing to remember is that your phone system is your first point of contact with customers – you need to present a professional image. After all, you wouldn’t show up to a client meeting in sweatpants, unless of course you’re a personal trainer.

So, make sure you take the time to invest in a professional voice actor for all of your business activities. It’ll save you money and headaches in the long run and will help you build a stronger brand that can withstand the test of time.

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With millions of videos being uploaded to YouTube every week, it’s ever important to get your brand to stand out from the clutter. Just showing up isn’t enough anymore, you need to excite your visitors and engage their minds. Video marketing can be a powerful tool in your belt if you know how to use it.

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And more!

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About the Speakers

Adam Caplan, eCommerce + Transactional Media Entrepreneur
After graduating from the California Institute of The Arts in 1995, Adam Caplan worked in the entertainment & advertising industry in Los Angeles for companies such as Universal, Paramount, Columbia/Tri-Star, Disney, Apple, Launch (Yahoo!), and many others, leading to a role as Executive Site Producer for the Home Shopping Network in 2000.

Returning to his hometown of London, Canada in 2003, Adam began lecturing on e-Commerce Strategy at Western University, and in 2005 joined digital signage pioneer EK3 as its Creative Director, working with clients such as Tim Hortons, The Home Depot, RBC, and TELUS, among many others. Adam left EK3 in 2008 and the following year started web.isod.es with a mission to use Web video to tell the amazing stories of our community in unique and dynamic ways.

Supporting a core value of community engagement, Adam sits on the Board of Directors for Museum London, where he also served as Chair of the Marketing and Development Committee; served as a Strategic Advisor on the Emerging Leaders Steering Committee; was a Producer-At-Large for the London Ontario Live Arts (LOLA) festival from 2008 to 2010; and is a founding Director and Past President of the UnLondon Digital Media Association.

Jordan Stevens, Chief Noisemaker and Audio Brand Consultant
Almost born with a guitar in his hands, Jordan Stevens is instrumental in inspiring business leaders to listen to the world around them. As the owner and chief noisemaker of TreBrand he plays a pivotal role in helping brands achieve peak performance. Jordan continues to set the standard by working expressively with all of his clients. His work has been heard at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, at The Pillar Nonprofit Commnity Innovation Awards and The Toronto International Film Festival. He corporate clients include McFarlan Rowlands Insurance Brokers, North Star Windows and Doors and digital agency tbk Creative.

Seating is limited to this special event. Join us on July 30th for this exclusive webinar by clicking here.

You might remember the days spent at summer camp as being some of the most fun you’ve ever had. You developed skills you didn’t think you had and met some pretty cool people. However, some of these memories fade during the year when you’re not at camp.

Companies that have an extremly seasonal sales cycle, like football teams, golf stores, and mountain biking suppliers, all have the same challenge of keeping customers engaged during the off season. There are a few ways to do this, but we’ve found one camp in Connecticut is using audio branding to keep the memories alive.

bucksgong200 Performing Arts Camp Creates Memories Using Audio Branding

Buck’s Rock Gong

Buck’s Rock Creative and Performing Arts Camp is a unique place where campers get a chance to learn all sorts of creative skills, like acting, graphic design, and glass blowing. The camp has many rituals including putting on two fully produced musicals and trips off campus to see the Boston Pops.

As a former music counsellor at the camp, one of the memories I have is the hearing the sound of the camp gong. The camp gong isn’t an ordanary gong as it’s shaped like a giant cooper ring (see picture).

The gong itself is used to signal the time for certain events, like meals and put-to-bed time. On a typical day, you would hear the gong five or six times. As you can imagine, it gets burned into your mind as a camper or staff member.

The leaders at Buck’s Rock decided to take the sound of the gong and create a ringtone for anyone to download. Once you download the sound to your phone, everytime you get a call you will be reminded of camp.

Because of its functionaliy, developing a ringtone creates a way for memories to extend into the rest of the year. As long as you have good memories of the place associated with the sound, this will cause you to want to go again or share your experience. What more in case, the sound of the gong is so unique that I wouldn’t be surprised if people started asking you what that sound was, further extending the marketing reach of this audio brand asset to new people.

Overall, this approach fits our criteria for a great audio brand. So, good on you Buck’s Rock for taking the audio branding route!

Okay, it’s Friday and you want a beer to enjoy on your patio, but you know nothing beats a frosty one straight from the tap. The folks at Tap King seem to have figured it out.

Check out their first spot featuring Lionel Richie.

Enjoy the weekend!


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