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Powerful Audio Branding Example From Coca-Cola

Just recently, Coca-Cola released its 2014 FIFA World Cup anthem. They have always used music as a part of their overall strategy and in doing so they have created some memorable ads, but creating an anthem has become an expected part of their marketing plan at worldwide events as you’ll see in a minute.

Famous Coca-Cola advertisment

Start from an Audio Logo

Many of Coke’s campaigns, from a music standpoint, are based on a mnemonic or in less technical terms an audio logo. This is a brief audio signature usually found at the end of a commercial. Smart brands use this brand asset as a connective tissue between different mediums. A good audio logo can also expand and be used as parts of larger works, like an anthem.

Coca-Cola’s audio logo

Here’s a couple of anthems from Coca-Cola. Can you hear the audio logo?

Experience The Great Happyfication

2014 World Cup Anthem

2010 World Cup Anthem

By taking a well know part of an audio brand and inserting it into larger unknown parts, the new larger work becomes familiar. This increases the chance that you’ll like the music and liking usually leads to selling.

In a way, this is similar to what Nike has done with the Air Jordan brand. Michael Jordan’s first couple of shoes had the Swoosh logo only. The Jumpman logo was introduced on his third shoe along with the Nike Swoosh. Now, if you look any apparel from the Jordan brand you won’t find the Nike logo but only the Jumpman symbol. In effect, Nike has passed it’s brand power off to the Jordan brand and it now stands on its own.

Going forward, we expect to see Coca-Cola continue to grow the identity of their brand through the use of music. One of the reasons Coke is so heavily invested in music is that music transcends boarders – for a global brand this is important. As a consumer, you’ll be able to recognize a Coke commercial in any country even if you don’t understand the langauge and this builds brand equity.

What do you think of the 2014 FIFA World Cup anthem? Do you think the audio logo is recognizable? Does it make the song more memorable? And does it tie back to the brand? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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 Powerful Audio Branding Example From Coca Cola

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