Oct 12

Red Bull Does Give You Wings

Yesterday Felix Baumgartner did something out of this world, he jumped from the edge of space. As a human achievement this was just amazing, however, as you know on the TreBrand blog we like to talk a lot about marketing.

You probably know this already but the company that was behind the space jump project was Red Bull. Dubbed “Red Bull Stratos” this was a brilliant sponsorship for a couple of reasons.

Connected – The project in itself connected people to the brand at it’s core. Red Bull is about getting people to that next level, breaking barriers and well, giving you wings. This event showed that there are few limits to what humans can achieve and Red Bull is a leader in making that happen.

Reach – Well over 7 million people watched live on YouTube, on TV and set a fire storm on the social media sites. What’s more exciting is that very little advertising needed to be done to reach these people and every step along the path featured Red Bull.

Memorability – This event is now in the history books and will be talked about for the next few weeks on the news and around the water cooler. But until the next person goes to break the free fall record Felix Baumgartner will be remembered along with his sponsor.

So, congratulations Felix and your entire crew. Wonderful achievement!

headphonesSM1 Red Bull Does Give You Wings
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 Red Bull Does Give You Wings

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