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Straight Talk from the C-Suite: BE DiFFERENT or be dead – Webinar Archive

A couple of days ago I had the chance to sit down with Roy Osing, a business expert and former Chief Marketing Officer of TELUS, to find out more about his thoughts on how businesses should be run in a modern world. Below is a round up of our time together and you can watch the webinar in its entirety at the bottom of this post.

After introducing Roy, we started right into the thick of things and explained why businesses need to start creating a different business model. Roy told us why the same old business isn’t enough anymore. In fact, he mentioned a few that have died or soon will.

We then moved on to talking about business planning and how c-suite leaders can start to execute their plans. Roy was clear in pointing out that too much planning and not enough doing is slowing down growth.

Another area that seems to be slowing down growth is that there are too many dumb rules in organizations. “Cut the crap” is a method that Roy talked about for businesses to start removing silly rules that don’t make sense for the customer. He even suggested that businesses look into creating a role in the organization whose sole responsibility is to remove dumb rules.

One of Roy’s most popular concepts is the ONLY statement. During the webinar we talked a bit about what the ONLY statement is and how organizations can create one of their own.

This statement is quite powerful in being able to help you create competitive advantages. Just the act of trying to create an ONLY statement will help you take your marketing to the next level.

With all of the marketing tools we have today, one of the suggestions Roy made during the session was that marketing professionals should move away from their traditional roots. Really, what Roy is asking is for marketers to think differently and create real value for customers. We talked about two ways that a business can do this. First is to create exceptional experiences and the second is to serve customers.

When creating an experience we talked about creating value-based packages. During the webinar we gave a couple of examples that I think you’ll find useful as a case study.

Serving customers is all about knowing what your customer wants before they even want it. You need to stay away from being a product flogger and find true value in what your clients need from you. In the webinar video you’ll find Roy’s formula for serving customers.

If you’d like to find out more about Roy, check out www.bedifferentorbedead.com. You can also find Roy on major social media sites and you can find all of his books on any of the book retail sites such as Amazon.

Check out the video to see the full webinar:

Below are the slides from the webinar:

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 Straight Talk from the C Suite: BE DiFFERENT or be dead   Webinar Archive

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