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question2 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask Their Music ProviderA couple of weeks ago I posted an article on one of the biggest audio branding pitfalls. This week I want share a few questions you should ask your music provider in order to get the best music for your brand.

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Over the next few months we’ll be discussing some of the terms and definitions that go into creating an audio brand. Our hope is that you’ll become a little more educated about audio branding and at the same time we hope to dispel any myths that may be lurking around.

For the first part in the series lets talk about a word that gets thrown around quit frequently, mnemonic.

A mnemonic is tough to pronounced (neh-mah-nick) and even harder to spell. The job of a mnemonic device is to assist in memorizing something. Most of these devices are auditory in nature like acronyms and catchy phrases, however, visual and kinesthetic mnemonics are possible. In some cases like your email chime these devices can train you like a dog.

In audio branding we tend to use audio logos as a mnemonic device. They are short, snappy and typically tied to a visual logo. The other advantage to using an audio logos is that they can be used throughout the brand such as on an on-hold system.

Mnemonic devices are a useful trick in the advertiser’s bag. Give it a try next time you need to remember something.


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