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A while back I posted an article on what an audio mnemonic is (or as some might call it, an audio logo). Today I wanted to share with you a great example from a recent Coca-Cola spot that effectively uses their sonic logo melody throughout the ad.

Coke has always, for as long as I’ve known, been involved in creating a brand around music. One of the key features and most recognizable parts of any audio identity is the audio logo. Before you read on, have a listen to Coke’s audio logo first.

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Here we go another edition of Sticky Songs. Every week we’ll post one of the best uses of sound in advertising or branding. We call them sticky because they get stuck in your mind. Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Every week I’ll post a song, sound or advertisement that I just can’t get out of my head – a sticky song.

This one goes back to the 1980s, but is just as popular now as it was then. Who would have thought five notes could be so memorable?

Want more audio logos? Check out the top 10 audio logos.

A sound logo is the most recognizable part of an effective audio brand. It is useful for any company that wishes to be heard apart from all of the clutter.

An audio logo is a sound bite that is about five seconds long. It is usually played with a visual logo accompanying. Most likely you will here it at the beginning or the end of a commercial advertisement. But, it also has many other uses. Just like its visual partner it can be used as a glue for the brand. It will help unify any sonic property that a brand owns.

Today I’m going to show you what I think is the top 10 audio logos. Enjoy!


Intel inside has been one of the most successful brand building exercises. Having an audio logo just makes it that much sweeter.


The iconic three note chime is synonymous with this media company. Learn about the history of the NBC chimes.


I’m lovin’ this audio logo.

20th Century Fox

Although this one brakes the mold of a traditional audio logo it is highly associated with the company.


Nothing is more powerful than a roar…except maybe a crying baby.


Sadly this brand has met some tough competition as of late. The yodle will forever be stuck in my head.


Nokia recently crowd sourced a new audio logo, but the classic sound will no doubt be remembered.


It’s a strong reason why life is good.


No movie is complete without it.

Mercedes Benz

It’s like heaven from the skies. Luxury at its best.

If you want to hear my favorite audio logo you’ll have to take a look at last week’s sticky song.

Every week I’ll post a song or sound that just sticks in your mind – a sticky song.

Media companies have been known to have excellent audio logos. Most famous would have to be THX or NBC chimes.

My personal favorite is this one from Dreamworks.



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