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This is part 2 in our series describing some of the terms used in audio branding. Today lets discover what a brand voice is all about.

A brand voice is a specific person that speaks for a company (here’s 10 of our favs). All major companies use a brand voice but a lot of times you will only hear them on the radio or in a TV advertisement. A brand voice can and should be expanded to be used on customer support lines when a customer is put on hold, employee voice mails, presentations and other communication channels where a voice actor is needed.

The voice in which a company uses to speak with its customers is important and carries business implications too. Studies have shown that using the right voice in an ad can increase memorability of an ad by 26%. At TreBrand we believe this can be extended and improved upon by using a brand voice consistently across all mediums.

Protecting a brand voice is also important. Recently, Apple was in the news recently for not protecting the voice of Siri. This impacted the Apple brand by making it seem as if Apple was in a Ford car or on your local bus. To protect a brand voice it’s important to have exclusive rights to that voice actor. Yes, this costs more but you are building an asset for your company.

If you have questions about audio branding please put them in the comments. We might just make a post of it!


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