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“No one listens to radio anymore!”

I’ve heard this many times over the last few years. As we start to move towards more digital streaming and satellite radio it certainly seems true.

As with other industries the digital age is changing the shape of these industries, however, I don’t think people are listening to radio less but the way they listen to it is different.

In the world of audio branding we like to think that there are two ways people interact with sound – you’re either hearing it or you’re actively listening to it. This is important to remember because for most of us radio today tends to be in the periphery. We hear it when we drive, have it on in the background at work and maybe put it on when doing chores at home. In all of these cases you are hearing the sounds but not being a very active participant.

One of the reasons for the change is that we have many other ways to get our entertainment today. No longer do we sit down on a Sunday night to listen to a show.

What does this mean to marketing departments and advertisers? It means that radio should be used as a place to build brands and not so much to create immediate action. I mean how am I supposed to write down your phone number while I’m driving and texting on my cell phone (please don’t try this by the way)?

As media becomes more segmented the value of your brand will only grow when you start to introduce other senses into the mix. For this I encourage you to build an audio identity for your brand. Help people recognize who you are without even trying.

Radio Advertising

Get on the dial of your customers with radio advertising

As you can imagine radio advertising is one of my favourite ways to advertise your services, but not because it’s a sound only medium. Radio advertising is great because it’s a low cost medium that usually plays while people are paying attention. If you are a small business you must consider radio advertising.

Below are a few things to think about before committing to a media buy. Notice I used the word committing. Radio advertising, like other forms of promotion, should be part of a long term plan. You shouldn’t expect instant sales.

How to Advertise on the Radio

First, know your market. Yes, you’ve heard this before but it is vital to your success. Each radio station caters to a different audience. If you don’t know who your customers are then it’s going to be a tough task for you to pick a station to advertise with.

After choosing a radio station to advertise with you’ll need to find the best time to advertise. Radio advertising, unlike advertising on TV, is a time based medium. So, this means you need to pick an appropriate time when your customers are most likely to be listening to the radio. In general the best times are mornings up to about 9 or 10 and afternoons from about 4 to 6. Weekends are certainly available but can be much harder to nail down when your prospects are listening.

Once you have selected a station and time to advertise your product or service you’ll need to create the radio commercial. Most stations will do this as part of the cost of advertising with them. However, do not let them write your commercial unless you want to sound like everyone else. If you don’t have the resources it’s okay to let the station do the sound work and possibly the announcing. In general, it is always better for you to create the commercial and deliver it to them.

That’s about it. Radio advertising is a great way to boost your business if done correctly. If you have any questions please ask your local audio branding consultant.


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