Mar 11

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your On Hold Marketing

Waiting on hold isn’t the greatest thing in the world. However, for many businesses it is a necessity to have an on hold marketing strategy. Not only does it make economic sense from a cost savings perspective, but recent data shows that 20% of callers make a purchase because of what they heard while on hold.

Here are a few tips on how to create an enjoyable experience for your clients and customers who are waiting for you:

1. Keep it Slow
Using slower tempo music reduces the perception of wait time. Studies have also shown that slower music helps to relax the mind and ease aggression.

2. Pick the Right Voice
It’s important that you remember that your phone system is a key touchpoint for your business – you must keep it inline with your brand. By using a voice that is consistent with your brand you can also increase the power of other marketing initiatives because consistency builds trust. To do this, try and think of who your target audience is -what might they like?

3. Use the Right Music
You might think a voice is all you need for your phone message, but forgetting to use music is like having salad without the dressing – it’s too dry. To have a high quality sound remember most phone systems deliver audio in mono. What this means is that if you take a stereo track and put in on your system some of the sound might drop out. Another consideration music wise is that phone systems have a limit on how high and low a sound can be before is clips (crackles).

4. Tame the Message
You’ll want to create a balance between promotional messages and music only. Typically music will play throughout an entire track with messages coming at certain intervals. The need to promote your business is valid but playing too many messages too quickly can kill the experience.

5. Using the Radio
Whatever you do be sure not to use the radio. Although this is an inexpensive solution the potential for your competitors being on your phone is quite possible. You’ll also lose control over what music is played and this can potential be offensive to some of your customers.

Having a winning on-hold or IVR message system will take your business to the next level of professionalism.

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