Oct 12

Top 10 Brand Voices

When we think of sound in relation to brands we typically think of music in advertising, however, many big companies are starting to realize the power of sound outside of advertising and how it can improve business metrics.

One critical area for you to explore is the idea of selecting a voice for your brand. Doing so can help improve radio advertising, calm people down and connect people to your brand.

To help inspire you we’ve put together our top 10 brand voices. We hope some of them will surprise you.





American Express


Anyone who has travelled to New York City will recognize this. If you haven’t I’m sure your city has its own voice too.

Disney Parks




What are some brand voices you recognize? Let us know in the comments

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About Jordan Stevens | Audio Brand Consultant at TreBrand

Almost born with a guitar in his hands Jordan Stevens has been instrumental in inspiring brands to stand out and be heard. His music has been performed internationally and on the silver screen including a premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Toronto International Film Festival.


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