On Hold Marketing

On hold music will boost sales.
Catch them while they wait

Did you know that 20% of callers have made purchases based on information they heard while on hold? Or that the average executive spends an average of 60 hours per year on hold?

Companies who invest in on hold marketing reap huge rewards because a whopping 95% of marketing expense is on getting the customer to call. If that sounds like you then you're forgetting the moment of truth. This is the moment when someone will decide to buy or not.

On hold marketing - when done correctly - is an effective method of keeping callers on the line while allowing you to manage multiple customers who are calling at the same time. Even small businesses who believe they never put customers on hold should consider that 7 out of 10 callers are put on hold. Do you really want to risk losing customers because you put them on hold?

Have a listen to the samples below. If you like what you hear contact TreBrand to get started.

Benefits of on hold marketing

  • • Reduce hang-ups
  • • Cross promote your products and services
  • • Create a professional sounding brand
  • • Unify your brand across multiple touchpoints
  • • Increase the awareness of your brand

As a marketer you understand that it is far more expensive to get new customers than it is to keep your existing customers. Countless examples have shown how on hold marketing can help keep your customers happy. What's more you can now cross promote your products and services and inform waiting customers of the fastest way to get help.

Sample Campaigns

  • Male Voice - Soft Vibe

  • Female Voice - Relaxed

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